Are You Santa Enough?


• This is about getting into the Christmas spirit and helping others do the same.
• And you can help others by DONATING to The Cure Starts Now.
• Everyone is welcome and it's FREE to participate.
• All you need to do is REGISTER, get yourself a Santa Suit, and bring your FULLY CHARGED mobile phone.
• Be at Horseshoe Casino - Cincinnati at Noon on Saturday, December 12, 2015. The event ends at Midnight.
• There is a 'sleigh' (shuttle) this year and it goes to the North Pole (Mt. Adams).
• Sleigh stops are: 12:00, Monk's; 12:07, Holy Grail; 12:15, Igby's; 12:22, Lackman; 12:30, Monk's, etc. The loop repeats every half hour until 10:00 p.m.
• Partners you can visit: Pedal Wagon, Reindog Parade, CityFlea, and Night Owl Market.
Tip sheet on being Santa.
Lyric sheet of songs we'll be singing.
• REMEMBER! DON'T MESS WITH Children, Police or Security, and Santa. Be respectful of the suit and each other.
• Finally, we'd like to thank our sponsors:

Follow Santa

• You can join the event for the entire day or at any other time.
• You can also follow the live feed on our Facebook Page or Twitter Page.